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ISBN: 9781292052632
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Edición: 7
Copyright: 2014
Páginas: 384

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A Framework for Human Resource Management: New International Edition (ebook)

By Gary Dessler


A concise yet thorough review of essential HR management concepts.

A Framework for Human Resource Management provides students and practicing managers with a concise yet thorough review of essential HR management concepts–including fundamental practices, methods, topics, and relevant legal findings–in a highly readable and accessible format.

1. Managing Strategic Human Resources Today
2. Managing Equal Opportunity and Diversity
3. Personnel Planning, Recruiting, and Talent Management
4. Testing and Selecting Employees
5. Training and Developing Employees
6. Performance Management, Appraisals, and Careers
7. Compensating Employees
8. Managing Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
9. Managing Employee Ethics, Engagement, Retention, and Fair Treatment
10. Protecting Safety and Health