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Copyright: 2015
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Computer Vision. A Modern Approach: International Edition (ebook)

By David A. Forsyth, Jean Ponce


Appropriate for upper-division undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in computer vision found in departments of Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. This textbook provides the most complete treatment of modern computer vision methods by two of the leading authorities in the field. This accessible presentation gives both a general view of the entire computer vision enterprise and also offers sufficient detail for students to be able to build useful applications. Students will learn techniques that have proven to be useful by first-hand experience and a wide range of mathematical methods.

1 Geometric Camera Models
2 Light and Shading
3 Color
4 Linear Filters
5 Local Image Features
6 Texture
7 Stereopsis
8 Structure from Motion
9 Segmentation by Clustering
10 Grouping and Model Fitting
11 Tracking
12 Registration
13 Smooth Surfaces and Their Outlines
14 Range Data
15 Learning to Classify
16 Classifying Images
17 Detecting Objects in Images
18 Topics in Object Recognition
19 Image-Based Modeling andRendering
20 Looking at People
21 Image Search and Retrieval
22 Optimization Techniques