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Copyright: 2015
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Engineering Problem Solving With C++: International Edition (ebook)

By Delores M Etter, Jeanine A. Ingber


For one/two semester courses in Engineering and Computer Science at the freshman/sophomore level.  

This text is a clear, concise introduction to problem solving and the C programming language. The authors’ proven five-step problem solving methodology is presented and then incorporated in every chapter of the text. Outstanding engineering and scientific applications are used throughout; all applications are centered around the theme of engineering challenges in the 21st century.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Computing and Engineering Problem Solving
Chapter 2: Simple C++ Programs
Chapter 3: Control Structures: Selection
Chapter 4: Control Structures: Repetition
Chapter 5: Working with Data Files
Chapter 6: Modular Programming with Functions
Chapter 7: One-Dimensional Arrays
Chapter 8: Two-Dimensional Arrays
Chapter 9: An Introduction to Pointers
Chapter 10: Advanced Topics