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Copyright: 2015
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Entrepreneurship and Effective Small Business Management: Global Edition (ebook)

By Norman M Scarborough, Jeffrey R. Cornwall


For undergraduate and graduate courses in entrepreneurship and/or small business management.   Discover how to successfully launch and manage a small business.   Open your students’ minds to the possibilities, challenges, and rewards of becoming a small business owner with Entrepreneurship and Effective Small Business Management. This text provides students with the tools they need in order to launch and manage a small business.   This 11th Edition continues to provide students with a practical, hands-on approach to launch a business that has the greatest chance for success. This edition features ten new cases and the most recent statistics, studies, surveys, and research about entrepreneurship and small business management.    The full text downloaded to your computer With eBooks you can: search for key concepts, words and phrases make highlights and notes as you study share your notes with friends eBooks are downloaded to your computer and accessible either offline through the Bookshelf (available as a free download), available online and also via the iPad and Android apps. Upon purchase, you'll gain instant access to this eBook. Time limit The eBooks products do not have an expiry date. You will continue to access your digital ebook products whilst you have your Bookshelf installed.

Chapter 1 : Entrepreneurs: The Driving Force Behind Small Business
Chapter 2 : Ethics and Social Responsibility: Doing the Right Thing
Chapter 3 : Creativity and Innovation: Keys to Entrepreneurial Success
Chapter 4 : Strategic Management and the Entrepreneur
Chapter 5 : Choosing a Form of Ownership
Chapter 6 : Franchising and the Entrepreneur
Chapter 7 : Buying an Existing Business
Chapter 8 : New Business Planning Process: Feasibility Analysis, Business Modeling, and Crafting a W
Chapter 9 : Building a Bootstrap Marketing Plan
Chapter 10 : Creative Use of Advertising and Promotion
Chapter 11 : Pricing and Credit Strategies
Chapter 12 : Global Marketing Strategies
Chapter 13 : E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship
Chapter 14 : Creating a Solid Financial Plan
Chapter 15 : Managing Cash Flow
Chapter 16 : Sources of Equity Financing
Chapter 17 : Sources of Debt Financing
Chapter 18 : Location, Layout, and Physical Facilities
Chapter 19 : Supply Chain Management
Chapter 20 : Managing Inventory
Chapter 21 : Staffing and Leading a Growing Company
Chapter 22 : Management Succession and Risk Management Strategies in the Family Business
Chapter 23 : The Legal Environment: Business Lawand Government Regulation