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Excellence In Business Communication Gep12 (eBook)

By Thill & Bovee

Major Changes and Improvements in This Edition 
Here are the major changes in the 12th edition of Excellence in Business Communication: Groundbreaking coverage of mobile business communication; see the next page for more information
New text sections: Using All the Job-Search Tools at Your Disposal (Prologue)
The Mobile Revolution (Chapter 1)
The Rise of Mobile as a Communication Platform
How Mobile Technologies Are Changing Business Communication
Collaboration via Mobile Devices (Chapter 2)
Putting Meeting Results to Productive Use (Chapter 2)
Business Etiquette Using Mobile Devices (Chapter 2)
Selecting the Best Combination of Media and Channels (Chapter 4)
The Unique Challenges of Communication on Mobile Devices (Chapter 4)
Writing Messages for Mobile Devices (Chapter 5)
Designing Messages for Mobile Devices (Chapter 6)
Optimizing Content for Mobile Devices (Chapter 7)
Creating Promotional Messages for Mobile Devices (Chapter 10)
Visual Media on Mobile Devices (Chapter 12)
Organizing a Presentation (Chapter 14)
Integrating Mobile Devices in Presentations (Chapter 14)
Choosing a Design Strategy for Your Résumé (Chapter 15)
Coverage of emerging issues that are reshaping business communication, including
digital information fluency and the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon
Coverage of linear and nonlinear presentations, discussing the relative strengths of slidebased
presentations (linear) and Prezi-style presentations (nonlinear)
Six new chapter-opening vignettes with accompanying end-of-chapter simulations,
featuring JetBlue, GoPro, Hailo, Red Ants Pants, Warby Parker, and VMWare
Revised treatment of media and channels to reflect the continuing evolution of digital
formats; we now categorize media choices oral, written, and visual, each of which can be
delivered through digital and nondigital channels to create six basic combinations
A new highlight box theme, Digital + Social + Mobile: Today’s Communication Environment,
addressing such topics as gamification as way to engage audiences, the new careers available in social media community management, using mobile devices for business research, and using mobile devices in the job search process.
More than 50 new business communication examples and figures—and the 12th edition
includes nearly 30 mobile communication examples and more than two dozen social media examples
New exercises and activities that focus on mobile communication
A selection of communication cases that challenge students to craft messages for
mobile devices

Part 1 Understanding the Foundations of Business Communication
Part 2 Applying The Three-Step Writing Process
Part 3 Crafting Brief Business
Part 4 Preparing Reports and Presentations
Part 5 Writing Employment Messages and Interviewing for Jobs