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Introduction to Materials Science: International Edition (ebook)

By Elliot Douglas


For the Introductory Materials Science course.

This unique textbook is designed to serve as an active learning tool that uses carefully selected information and guided inquiry questions. Guided inquiry helps students reach true understanding of concepts as they develop greater ownership over the material presented. First, background information or data is presented. Then, concept invention questions lead the students to construct their own understanding of the fundamental concepts represented. Finally, application questions provide the students with practice in solving problems using the concepts that they have derived from their own valid conclusions.

CHAPTER 1 What is Guided Inquiry?
CHAPTER 2 What is Materials Science and Engineering?
CHAPTER 3 Bonding
CHAPTER 4 Atomic Arrangements in Solids
CHAPTER 5 The Structure of Polymers
CHAPTER 6 Microstructure—Phase Diagrams
CHAPTER 7 Diffusion
CHAPTER 8 Microstructure—Kinetics
CHAPTER 9 Mechanical Behavior
CHAPTER 10 Materials in the Environment
CHAPTER 11 Electronic Behavior
CHAPTER 12 Thermal Behavior
CHAPTER 13 Materials Selection and Design