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ISBN: 9781292037158
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Edición: 2
Copyright: 2014
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Modern Quantum Mechanics: New International Edition (ebook)

By J. J. Sakurai, Jim J. Napolitano


This best-selling classic provides a graduate-level, non-historical, modern introduction of quantum mechanical concepts. The author, J. J. Sakurai, was a renowned theorist in particle theory. This revision by Jim Napolitano retains the original material and adds topics that extend the text's usefulness into the 21st century. The introduction of new material, and modification of existing material, appears in a way that better prepares the student for the next course in quantum field theory. Students will still find such classic developments as neutron interferometer experiments, Feynman path integrals, correlation measurements, and Bell's inequality. The style and treatment of topics is now more consistent across chapters.