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ISBN: 9781292097763
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Edición: 8
Copyright: 2016
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Marketing. Real People Real Choices: Global Edition (ebook)

By Michael R Solomon, Greg W Marshall, Elnora Stuart


Real People, Real Choices Marketing: Real People, Real Choicesis the only text to introduce marketing from the perspective of real people who make real marketing decisions at leading companies everyday.   Timely, relevant, and dynamic, this reader-friendly text shows students how marketing concepts are implemented, and what they really mean in the marketplace. The Eighth Edition features a completely reorganized Table of Contents and chapter pedagogy divided in a four-part structure that emphasizes the value proposition and the process of creating and delivering value. This edition presents more information than ever on marketing research and analytics and students are guided through chapter content with new integrated study maps and assessments that help them actively learn and retain content.

CHAPTER 1: Welcome to the World of Marketing: Create and Deliver Value
CHAPTER 2: Global, Ethical, and Sustainable Marketing
CHAPTER 3: Strategic Market Planning
CHAPTER 4: Market Research
CHAPTER 5: Marketing Analytics: Welcome to the Era of Big Data!
CHAPTER 6: Understand Consumer and Business Markets
CHAPTER 7: Segmentation, Target Marketing, and Positioning
CHAPTER 8: Product I: Innovation and New Product Development
CHAPTER 9: Product II: Product Strategy, Branding, and Product Management
CHAPTER 10: Price: What is the Value Proposition Worth?
CHAPTER 11: Deliver the Goods: Determine Distribution Strategy
CHAPTER 12: Deliver the Customer Experience: Bricks and Clicks
CHAPTER 13: Promotion I: Advertising and Sales Promotion
CHAPTER 14: Promotion II: Social Media, Direct/Database Marketing, Personal Selling, and Public Relations