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Business Intelligence: A Mngrl Approach Gep4 (eBook)

By Turban & Sharda

Descripción: For these Global Editions, the editorial team at Pearson has collaborated with educators across the world to address a wide range of subjects and requirements, equipping students with the best possible learning tools. This Global Edition preserves the cutting-edge approach and pedagogy of the original, but also features alterations, customization, and adaptation from the North American version.

Chapter 1 An Overview of Business Intelligence, Analytics,
and Data Science 
Chapter 2 Descriptive Analytics I: Nature of Data, Statistical
Modeling, and Visualization 
Chapter 3 Descriptive Analytics II: Business Intelligence and
Data Warehousing 
Chapter 4 Predictive Analytics I: Data Mining Process, Methods,
and Algorithms 
Chapter 5 Predictive Analytics II: Text, Web, and Social Media
Chapter 6 Prescriptive Analytics: Optimization
and Simulation 
Chapter 7 Big Data Concepts and Tools 
Chapter 8 Future Trends, Privacy and Managerial Considerations
in Analytics