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Essential University Physics. Volume 2: Global Edition (ebook)

By Richard Wolfson


Welcome to physics! Maybe you're taking introductory physics because you're majoring in a field of science or engineering that requires a semester or two of physics. Maybe you're premed, and you know that medical schools are increasingly interested in seeing calculus-based physics on your transcript. Perhaps you're really gung-ho and plan to major in physics. Or maybe you want to study physics further as a minor associated with related fields like math or chemistry or to complement a discipline like economics, environmental studies, or even music. Perhaps you had a great high-school physics course, and you're eager to continue. Maybe high-school physics was an academic disaster for you, and you're approaching this course with trepidation. Or perhaps this is your first experience with physics. Whatever your reason for taking introductory physics, welcome!

20. Electric Charge, Force, and Field 
21. Gauss's Law 
22. Electric Potential 
23. Electrostatic Energy and Capacitors 
24. Electric Current 
25. Electric Circuits 
26. Magnetism: Force and Field 
27. Electromagnetic Induction 
28. Alternating-Current Circuits 
29. Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves V. OPTICS 
30. Reflection and Refraction 
31. Images and Optical Instruments 
32. Interference and Diffraction VI. MODERN PHYSICS 
33. Relativity 
34. Particles and Waves 
35. Quantum Mechanics 
36. Atomic Physics 
37. Molecules and Solids 
38. Nuclear Physics 
39. From Quarks to the Cosmos