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ISBN: 9781292102665
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Copyright: 2017
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Essential University Physics. Volume 1: Global Edition (ebook)

By Richard Wolfson

Descripción: For two- and three-semester university physics coursesJust the EssentialsRichard Wolfson's Essential University Physics, Third Edition is a concise and progressive calculus-based physics textbook that offers clear writing, great problems, and relevant real-life applications in an affordable and streamlined text. Essential.

Chapter 1 Doing Physics
Chapter 2 Motion in a Straight Line
Chapter 4 Force and Motion
Chapter 5 Using Newton's Laws
Chapter 6 Energy, Work, and Power
Chapter 7 Conservation of Energy
Chapter 8 Gravity
Chapter 9 Systems of Particles
Chapter 10 Rotational Motion
Chapter 11 Rotational Vectors and Angular Momentum
Chapter 12 Static Equilibrium
Chapter 13 Oscillatory Motion
Chapter 14 Wave Motion