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ISBN: 9781292082455
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Copyright: 2016
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Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics: Global Edition (ebook)

By Fawwaz T. Ulaby, Eric Michielssen, Umberto Ravaioli


Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics is intended for use in one- or two-semester courses in Electromagnetics   Widely acclaimed both in the U.S. and abroad, this authoritative text bridges the gap between circuits and electromagnetics material. Coverage begins with transmission lines, leading students from familiar concepts into more advanced topics and applications. A student-friendly approach, full-colour figures and images, and a set of interactive simulations will help students develop a deeper understanding of electromagnetic concepts and applications. The full text downloaded to your computer With eBooks you can: search for key concepts, words and phrases make highlights and notes as you study share your notes with friends eBooks are downloaded to your computer and accessible either offline through the Bookshelf (available as a free download), available online and also via the iPad and Android apps. Upon purchase, you'll gain instant access to this eBook. Time limit The eBooks products do not have an expiry date. You will continue to access your digital ebook products whilst you have your Bookshelf installed.

Chapter 1: Introduction: Waves and Phasors
Chapter 2: Transmission Lines
Chapter 3: Vector Analysis
Chapter 4: Electrostatics
Chapter 5: Magnetostatics
Chapter 6 Maxwell’s Equations for Time-Varying Fields
Chapter 7: Plane-Wave Propagation
Chapter 8: Wave Reflection and Transmission
Chapter 9: Radiation and Antennas
Chapter 10: Satellite Communication Systems and Radar Sensors