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ISBN: 9781292080017
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Edición: 5
Copyright: 2016
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Introductory and Intermediate Algebra: Global Edition (ebook)

By Judith A. Beecher, Marvin L. Bittinger


TheBittingerWorktextSeriesrecognizes that math hasn’t changed, but students–and the way they learn math–have. This latest edition continues the Bittinger tradition of objective-based, guided learning, while also integrating timely updates to the proven pedagogy. This edition has a greater emphasis on guided learning and helping students get the most out of all of the resources available, including new mobile learning resources, whether in a traditional lecture, hybrid, lab-based, or online course.

Material: 1 Introduction to Real Numbers and Algebraic Expressions
2 Solving Equations and Inequalities
3 Graphs of Linear Equations
4 Polynomials: Operations
5 Polynomials: Factoring
6 Rational Expressions and Equations
7 Graphs, Functions, and Applications
8 Systems of Equations
9 More on Inequalities
10 Radical Expressions, Equations, and Functions
11 Quadratic Equations and Functions
12 Exponential Functions and Logarithmic Functions