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Copyright: 2015
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Java Software Structure: Designing And Using Data Structure (eBook)

By John Lewis

Descripción: Pedagogically, this book follows the style and approach of the leading CS1 book Java Software Solutions: Foundations of Program Design, by John Lewis and William Loftus. Our book uses many of the highly regarded features of that book, such as the Key Concept boxes and complete code examples. Together, these two books support a solid and consistent approach to either a two-course or three-course introductory sequence for computing students. That said, this book does not assume that students have used Java Software Solutions in a previous course.

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Analysis of Algorithms 
Chapter 3: Introduction to Collections – Stacks 
Chapter 4: Linked Structures – Stacks 
Chapter 5: Queues 
Chapter 6: Lists 
Chapter 7: Iterators 
Chapter 8: Recursion 
Chapter 9: Searching and Sorting 
Chapter 10: Trees 
Chapter 11: Binary Search Trees 
Chapter 12: Heaps and Priority Queues 
Chapter 13: Sets and Maps 
Chapter 14: Multi-Way Search Trees 
Chapter 15: Graphs 
Appendix A: UML 
Appendix B: Object-Oriented Design 
Appendix C: Java Graphics 
Appendix D: Graphical User Interfaces 
Appendix E: Hashing 
Appendix F: Regular Expressions