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Edición: 4
Copyright: 2017
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Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence (ebook)

By John Maltby, Liz Day, Ann Macaskill


This is the enhanced ebook for Maltby, Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence 4e

This enhanced ebook version of Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence 4e contains a selection of additional interactive features specifically designed to support you in your study, including:

  • Multiple choice questions with dedicated and immediate feedback are embedded at the end of key sections to enable you to check your understanding and manage your progress.
    • Annotated live links to useful articles, websites video clips or other sources of interest are included throughout to help you to consolidate your understanding or to explore a topic in further depth.
      • End of chapter quiz with dedicated feedback allows you to check your knowledge of key topics and concepts and help you prepare for exams.
        • Critical thinking sections consider real world applications of key concepts and encourage you to reflect upon these issues, sometimes relating them to your own life.

          A comprehensive and accessible fourth edition of a market leading text on personality, individual differences and intelligence that offers up-to-date research and a wealth of pedagogical features.
          The fourth edition of the marketing leading Personality, Individual Differences and Intelligence continues to offer a comprehensive, accessible and thoroughly up to date introduction to this fascinating field. A thoughtfully developed pedagogical approach guides you from the foundations to the more advanced topics, employing a range of features to encourage reflection, critical thinking and thereby a deeper understanding.

1 Personality Theory in Context
2 The Basis of the Psychoanalytic Approach to Personality
3 Developments of Freudian Theorising
4 Learning Theory Perspectives on Personality
5 Cognitive Personality Theories
6 Humanistic Personality Theories
7 The Trait Approach to Personality
8 Biological Basis of Personality I Genetic Heritability of Personality and Biological and Physiolog
9 Biological Basis of Personality II Evolutionary Psychology and Animal Studies of Personality
10 An Introduction to Intelligence
11 Theories and Measurement of Intelligence
12 How Intelligence Tests are Used What Questions Emerge from the Measurement of Intelligence?
13 Heritability and Socially Defined Group Differences in Intelligence
14 Intelligence and the Self Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, and Sex Difference in Intelligence
15 Personality and Intelligence in Education and Work
16 Optimism
17 Irrational Beliefs
18 Embarrassment, Shyness and Social Anxiety
19 Interpersonal Relationships
20 Social Attitudes and Culture
21 Well-being and Personality Disorders
22 Individual Differences in Health and Illness
23 An Introduction to Psychometric Testing
24 Academic Argument and Thinking
25 Statistical Terms
26 Research Ethics