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Topics In Finance (eBook)

By Kurt Burneo

Descripción: This book consolidates the intellectual effort of teachers and economist Burneo and engineer Lizarzaburu by integrating in a single volume the basic elements of financial management, not only from the theoretical perspective but also from the practical side; in both cases developed in simple language but without losing the necessary academic rigor indispensable in this type of publications. A first component of the structure of the text is a journey through the area of classical and analysis inherent to this type of publication: Basic Principles of Good Corporate Governance, the role of financial managers, basic tools of analysis as the different types of fundamental ratios, risks, typology and management of these, especially financial; bonds and their markets, cash flows and their relevance in financial management, mergers and acquisitions, structuring of capital.

CHAPTER 1. Corporate Governance and Manager Role /CHAPTER 2. Financial Ratio Analysis /CHAPTER 3. Risk Management /CHAPTER 4. Bonds /CHAPTER 5. Cash Flow /CHAPTER 6. Mergers and Acquisitions /CHAPTER 7. Capital Structure /CHAPTER 8. Credit Risk