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ISBN: 9781292034706
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Cognition, 5ed (e-Book VS 12m)

By Mark H. Ashcraft


For undergraduate level courses in Cognition and Theories of Learning.

The psychology of human memory and cognition is fascinating, dealing with questions and ideas that are inherently interesting, such as how we think, reason, remember, and use language. Using a first person narrative, posing direct questions to the reader, and balancing classic research with cutting edge topics, the author draws in the reader and conveys the excitement of the field.

Reflecting the increasing use of new technologies to study memory and cognition, Ashcraft and the new co-author, Gabriel Radvansky, continue to integrate sections on neurosciences within individual chapter topics.

  • Table of Contents
  • Glossary
  • 1. Cognitive Psychology: An Introduction
  • 2. The Cognitive Science Approach
  • 3. Perception and Pattern Recognition
  • 4. Attention
  • 5. Short-Term Working Memory
  • 6. Learning and Remembering
  • 7. Knowing
  • 8. Using Knowledge in the Real World
  • 9. Language
  • 10. Comprehension: Written and Spoken Language
  • 11. Problem Solving
  • 12. Decisions, Judgments, and Reasoning
  • References
  • Index