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Introduction Journalism and Power

Journalism and Power

By Diezhandino Nieto, María Pilar

Descripción: A decade has passed since this book was published in Spanish. This is a long time if one takes into account the transformations that have occurred as digital culture has come to form part of our lives. Yet in spite of the radical change undergone in the media scenario, the core thesis of this work is still valid. That the information resources to which citizens can access online exceed their assimilation capacity and the time they have at their disposal, largely tend to weaken rather than enhance the search for valid references on which they can rely. The new ways of picking up information by no means encourage an eagerness to seek in-depth data.

This book takes up and dusts down the old and inconclusive theories about the power and influence of the media. It reviews the state of a question that has been the subject of many clichés, has nurtured collective beliefs, nourishing the ego of the journalistic class and the will to dominate of the powers that be.
All of this has yielded very few satisfactory results that could lay the foundations for a conclusively demonstrated theory about the effects of the media. That is why the idea of blaming the mass media on the basis of a belief in their power and influence is unfounded.

PART ONE. Journalism and power
Chapter 1. We are talking about Journalism
Chapter 2. As a backdrop
Chapter 3. Results or Effects
Chapter 4. Potemkin Villages
Chapter 5. The major features of the current journalistic scene
PART TWO. Information Accessing Habits
Chapter 6. Voluntary Misinformation