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Pearson English Interactive 2.0 Level 3 Student Online Access Code

By Michael Rost

Descripción: Pearson English Interactive 2.0 Learners like to study independently Pearson English Interactive 2.0 is a four-level fully online course for adults and young adults learning English in both ESL and EFL contexts. Now in an all-new version Pearson English Interactive 2.0 incorporates technology with the latest teaching methodology to deliver an engaging communication-based course for language learners. It provides careful grading and guidance to learners to improve their speaking listening reading and writing skills and to become independent language learners.

• Short sessions and all content online make it easy for learners to study anytime anywhere. • Automatic grading gives immediate results so students can see how they are progressing. • Video-based lessons engage learners and involve them in the stories. • Easy for institutions to administer as it is all online. New in 2.0 • Now completely online—no printed workbook. • Completely new videos and related content updated. • Closed caption at point of use (on/off option). • New CASAS Listening and Reading practice tests.

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