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Business Intelligence and Analytics (Ebook)



Autor(es): Ramesh Sharda
ISBN: 9781292009261
Edición: 10
Copyright: 2015
Idioma: ENG
Serie: Computación
Dimensiones: 0/0/0 Peso: 1 grs
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    Analytics has become the technology driver of this decade. Companies such as IBM,Oracle, Microsoft, and others are creating new organizational units focused on analyticsthat help businesses become more effective and efficient in their operations. Decisionmakers are using more computerized tools to support their work. Even consumers areusing analytics tools directly or indirectly to make decisions on routine activities such asshopping, healthcare, and entertainment. The field of decision support systems (DSS)/business intelligence (BI) is evolving rapidly to become more focused on innovative applicationsof data streams that were not even captured some time back, much less analyzedin any significant way. New applications turn up daily in healthcare, sports, entertainment,supply chain management, utilities, and virtually every industry imaginable.
    Part I Decision Making and Analytics: An Overview
    Part II Descriptive Analytics
    Part III Predictive Analytics
    Part IV Prescriptive Analytics
    Part V Big Data and Future Directions for Business Analytics