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Pearson Longman Cornerstone Grade 3 Student Edition (Softcover)



Autor(es): Anna Uhl Chamot / John DeMado / Sharroky Hollie
ISBN: 9780328771127
Edición: 2
Copyright: 2013
Idioma: ENG
Serie: primary
Dimensiones: 27.4/1.8/21.4 Peso: 0.76 grs
Más información:
    Accelerating academic success for English language learners
    Pearson Longman Cornerstone is a multi-level program designed for English learners and
    struggling readers aged 5-11.

    Edition 2013
    • Provides explicit, intensive and focused instruction that accelerates students’ language
    acquisition and reading comprehension skills.
    • Develops vocabulary, oral and written communication skills that move them to achieve
    academic success and be better prepared to re-enter mainstream, grade level programs.
    • Blends rigorous, research-based reading and language skills instruction together with a
    balance of content-area readings and age-appropriate, high-interest stories.
    • Incorporates the Understanding by Design principle, which allows students to
    demonstrate their understanding and mastery of skills through multiple formal and
    informal assessment opportunities.
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