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Pearson Longman Keystone Level B Workbook



Autor(es): Anna Uhl Chamot / John DeMado / Sharroky Hollie
ISBN: 9781428435056
Edición: 2
Copyright: 2013
Idioma: ENG
Serie: primary
Dimensiones: 27.4/1.8/21.4 Peso: 0.58 grs
Más información:
    Accelerates students’ academic achievement
    Pearson Longman Keystone is a multi-level program designed for English learners
    and struggling readers. Provides an easy-to-use road map to academic success
    through explicit, intensive, and focused instruction that accelerates students’
    language acquisition, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and oral and written
    communication skills, students will quickly begin achieving academic success.

    Edition 2013
    Technology Resources
    • See the Student Edition, Workbook, Reader’s Companion Selections and
    activities come alive on the Student CD-ROM/eText.
    • Access the entire Teacher’s Edition as well as all other print components, at a
    mouse click via the Teacher CD-ROM/eText, with all the components organized by
    unit and reading to make lesson planning easy.
    • Use the Audio CD to access recordings of the readings, key vocabulary, academic
    words, and literary terms.
    • Customize assessment with the electronic test generator provided on the
    ExamView Test Generator®.
    • Online Success Tracker tests provide instant feedback, with reteaching and
    remediation worksheets provided.
    • The Companion Website provides an online version of the Student eText.
    • Provide background for each unit’s Big Questions and themes via the Video DVD.
    • iPad Apps include interactive fl ashcards for all key words, academic words, and
    literary terms, plus an engaging word check game

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