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Top Notch 2 Workbook

Top Notch 3ed.


Autor(es): Saslow Ascher
ISBN: 9780133928228
Edición: 3
Copyright: 2015
Idioma: ENG
Serie: adults
Dimensiones: 27/1.2/20.6 Peso: 0.2 grs
Más información:
    The bestselling course that teaches the world English, now in third edition!

    Top Notch builds confidence for successful oral expression through an expanded
    speaking pedagogy and prepares students for academic work through the
    development of critical thinking skills and reading and listening strategies.
    With a new, modern design and tools that make teaching more effective, the third
    edition will help you get the most out of your students.

    NEW Conversation Activator Video
    This unique video component dramatizes all of the conversation models,
    demonstrating how to personalize and extend them, greatly increasing students’ oral

    NEW Pronunciation Coach Video

    Helps students achieve more accurate pronunciation. A video Pronunciation
    Coach demonstrates, clarifies, and provides simple guided practice of each unit’s
    pronunciation topic.

    NEW Grammar Practice Activities
    Every grammar presentation now includes additional exercises, available in both
    printable and digital format.

    NEW Teacher ActiveTeach software for in-class presentation, planning assessment and extra support includes:
    Digital Student Book for interactive white boards (IWB), with interactive
    activities and instant access to audio, Conversation Activator Video, Pronunciation
    Coach Video, new D igital flash card player, M ethod’s Handbook for professional
    development, D etailed lesson plans, Answer keys and audio/video scripts, Readymade achievement tests plus editable tests as well as extra worksheets and more.
    New top Notch GO app gives your students the flexibility to listen to the full audio
    program outside the classroom whenever and wherever they want.