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Copyright: 2015
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Calculus: Global Edition (ebook)

By William L. Briggs, Lyle Cochran


The full text downloaded to your computer With eBooks you can: search for key concepts, words and phrases make highlights and notes as you study share your notes with friends eBooks are downloaded to your computer and accessible either offline through the Bookshelf (available as a free download), available online and also via the iPad and Android apps. Upon purchase, you'll gain instant access to this eBook. Time limit The eBooks products do not have an expiry date. You will continue to access your digital ebook products whilst you have your Bookshelf installed. For a three-semester or four-quarter calculus course covering single variable and multivariable calculus for mathematics, engineering, and science majors. Authors Briggs, Cochran, and Gillett build from a foundation of meticulously crafted exercise sets, then draw students into the narrative through writing that reflects the voice of the instructor, examples that are stepped out and thoughtfully annotated, and figures that are designed to teach rather than simply supplement the narrative. The authors appeal to students’ geometric intuition to introduce fundamental concepts, laying a foundation for the development that follows.

1 Functions
2 Limits
3 Derivatives
4 Applications of the Derivative
5 Integration
6 Applications of Integration
7 Logarithmic and Exponential Functions
8 Integration Techniques
9 Sequences and Infinite Series
10 Power Series
11 Parametric and Polar Curves
12 Vectors and Vector-Valued Functions
13 Functions of Several Variables
14 Multiple Integration
15 Vector Calculus