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ISBN: 9781292055169
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Copyright: 2014
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Globaliz And Divers Pnie4 (eBook)

By Rowntree

Globalization affects all people and places throughout the world because it’s everywhere, all the time. While some embrace the changes brought by globalization, others resist and push back, taking refuge in the traditional and familiar. As a result a complex world geography is produced consisting of new and old, containing intertwined and inseparable elements of both globalization and diversity.

1. Concepts of World Geography
2. The Changing Global Environment
3. North America
4. Latin America
5. The Caribbean
6. Sub-Saharan Africa
7. Southwest Asia and North Africa
8. Europe
9. The Russian Domain
10. Central Asia
11. East Asia
12. Southeast asia
13. South Asia
14. Australia And Oceania
World- Physical