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ISBN: 9781292094380
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Copyright: 2016
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Human Resource Management Global Edition (eBook)

By R. Wayne Mondy

Descripción: We approach the study of human resource management (HRM) in a realistic, practical, interesting, and stimulatingmanner. We focus on showing how HRM is practiced in the real world. Throughout the book, you will seeexamples of how organizations practice HRM. In explaining a concept, we often quote human resources (HR)professionals, yet all HR discussion is based on sound theoretical concepts and practice. Throughout this book,the strategic role of HR is apparent in the discussion of each major HRM function. In addition, we show how HRtopics are related to other HR topics. For instance, a firm that emphasizes recruiting top-quality candidates butneglects to provide satisfactory compensation is wasting time, effort, and money. A firm’s compensation systemwill be inadequate unless employees are provided a safe and healthy work environment. If a firm’s compensationsystem pays below-market wages, the firm will always be hiring and training new employees only to see thebest leave for a competitor’s higher wages. This interrelationship will become more obvious as these topics areaddressed throughout the book. These interrelationships are also shown to be important as organizations workwithin the global environment.

Part One Setting the Stage 
Part Two Staffing 
Part Three Performance Management and Training 
Part Four Compensation 
Part Five Labor Relations, Employee Relations, Safety and Health 
Part Six Operating in a Global Environment