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Copyright: 2017
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Reinforced Concrete: Mech&Dsgn Gep7 (eBook)

By Wight

Descripción: Reinforced concrete design encompasses both the art and science of engineering. This book presents the theory of reinforced concrete design as a direct application of the laws of statics and mechanics of materials. It emphasizes that a successful design not only satisfies  design rules, but is capable of being built in a timely fashion for a reasonable cost and should provide a long service life. 

CHAPTER 2 The Design Process Duction
CHAPTER 3 Materials 
CHAPTER 4 Flexure: Behavior and Nominal Strength of Beam Sections
CHAPTER 5 Flexural Design of Beam Sections 
CHAPTER 6 Shear in Beams 
CHAPTER 7 Torsion
CHAPTER 8 Development, Anchorage, and Splicing of Reinforcement
CHAPTER 9 Serviceability
CHAPTER 10 Continuous Beams and One-way Slabs
CHAPTER 11 Columns: Combined Axial Load and Bending
CHAPTER 12 Slender Columns
CHAPTER 13 Two-way Slabs: Behavior, Analysis and Design 
CHAPTER 14 Two-way Slabs: Elastic and Yield-line Analyses 
CHAPTER 15 Footings
CHAPTER 16 Shear Friction, Horizontal Shear Transfer, and Composite Concrete Beams
CHAPTER 17 Discontinuity Regions and Strut-and-tie Models
CHAPTER 18 Walls and Shear Walls
CHAPTER 19 Design for Earthquake Resistance