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ISBN: 9781292075303
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Edición: 7
Copyright: 2015
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The Art And Science Of Leadership Global Edition (eBook)

By Nahavandi

Descripción: Leading people effectively is a tremendous challenge, a great opportunity, and a serious responsibility.Since the first edition of The Art and Science of Leadership was published, the call forleadership has been growing. Our organizations and institutions, more than ever, need effectiveleaders who understand the complexities of our dynamic global environment, who have the intelligenceto deal with complex problems, and who have the sensitivity and ability to empathizewith their followers to motivate them to strive for excellence. Every civilization has focused onits leaders, revering or reviling them. Throughout history, the fate of millions has depended onthe leadership qualities of emperors, kings, queens, and other leaders and on their power strugglesand succession battles. Children all over the world learn early, through the fairy tales theyhear and read, the art they see, and the advice they get, that leaders matter and that the happinessand misery of people depend on the goodness or evilness of leaders.

Part I Building Blocks 
Part II Contemporary Concepts 
Part III Leading