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ISBN: 9780273780045
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Copyright: 2013
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Strategic Brand Management: Global Ed (eBook)

By Keller

My objective in writing this book was to satisfy three key criteria by which any marketing text should be judged:
• Depth: The material in the book had to be presented in the context of conceptual frameworks that were comprehensive, internally consistent and cohesive, and well grounded in the academic and practitioner literature.
• Breadth: The book had to cover all those topics that practicing managers and students of brand management found intriguing and/or important.
• Relevance: Finally, the book had to be well grounded in practice and easily related to past and present marketing activities, events, and case studies.

PART I: Opening Perspectives
PART II: Developing a Brand Strategy
PART III: Designing and Implementing Brand Marketing Programs
PART IV: Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance
PART V: Growing and Sustaining Brand Equity
PART VI: Closing Perspectives