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Consumer Behavior: Buying Having and Being eBook VS-12 months

By Michael R. Solomon

Descripción: Beyond consumer behavior: How buying habits shape identity A #1 best-selling text for consumer behavior courses Solomon’s Consumer Behavior: Buying Having and Being covers what happens before during and after the point of purchase. It investigates how having (or not having) certain products affects our lives, specifically how these items influence how we feel about ourselves and each other especially in the canon of social media and the digital age. In the 13th Edition up-to-date content reflects major marketing trends and changes that impact the study of consumer behavior. Since we are all consumers many of the topics have both professional and personal relevance to students. This makes it easy to apply the theory outside of the classroom and maintain an edge in the fluid and evolving field of consumer behavior.

PART 1: FOUNDATIONS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR 1. Buying Having and Being: An Introduction to Consumer Behavior 2. Consumer and Social Well-Being PART 2: INTERNAL INFLUENCES ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR 3. Perception 4. Learning and Memory 5. Motivation and Affect 6. The Self and Gender Identity 7. Personality Lifestyles and Values PART 3: CHOOSING AND USING PRODUCTS 8. Attitudes and Persuasive Communications 9. Decision Making 10. Buying Using and Disposing PART 4: CONSUMERS IN THEIR SOCIAL AND CULTURAL SETTINGS 11. Group Influences and Social Media 12. Income and Social Class 13. Subcultures 14. Culture Appendix I: Careers in Consumer Research Appendix II: Research Methods Appendix III: Sources of Secondary Data

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