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ISBN: 9781292034812
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Financial Theory and Corporate Policy, 4e (e-Book VS 12m)

By Thomas E. Copeland

Descripción:  This classic textbook in the field, now completely revised and updated, provides a bridge between theory and practice. Appropriate for the second course in Finance for MBA students and the first course in Finance for doctoral students, the text prepares students for the complex world of modern financial scholarship and practice. It presents a unified treatment of finance combining theory, empirical evidence and applications.


1. Introduction: Captial Markets, Consumption, and Investment

2. Investment Decisions: The Certainty Case

3. Theory of Choice Under Uncertainty: Utility Theory

4. State Preference Theory

5. Objects of Choice

6. Market Equilibrium: CAPM and APT

7. Pricing Contingent Claims: Option Price Theory and Evidence

8. Futures Contracts and Markets - Term Structure - Cox, Ingersoll, Ross

9. Multiperiod Capital Budgeting under Uncertainty: Real Options Analysis

10. Efficient Captial Markets: Theory

11. Efficient Captial Markets: Evidence

12. Information Asymmetry and Agency Theory

13. Valuation and Tax Policy

14. Capital Structure and the Cost of Capital: Theory and Evidence

15. Dividend Policy: Theory and Empirical Evidence

16. Applied Issues in Corporate Finance

17. Acquisitions, Divestitures, Restructuring, and Corporate Governance

18. International Financial Management

Appendix: Discounting

Appendix: Matrix Algebra

Appendix: An Introduction to Multiple Regression

Appendix: Calculus and Optimization