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Gold Experience 2nd Edition B2 Students' Online Homework Access Code

By Kathryn Alevizos, Suzanne Gaynor & Megan Roderick


Gold Experience 2nd Edition is an engaging, media-rich course for teenage students which prepares them for Cambridge (for schools) exams while motivating students to build the language and skills they need in class and in the world beyond schools.

  • Prepares students for the Cambridge English Qualifications across eight levels
    Gold Experience 2nd Edition has exam preparation built in from the start. This second edition takes students from A1 to C1, and is the first course for teens to include preparation for Advanced (CAE). The new levels A2+ and B2+ ensure a smooth progression enabling students to seamlessly progress to the next level of learning.
  • Engaging content and instruction in 21st century skills
    Absorbing, media-rich material engages and challenges teens, promoting critical thinking and debate as well as creativity. Topics are relevant to students’ lives, allowing them to both bring their own experience to lessons, and learn about the wider world.
  • Authentic material with real stories and real people
    Videos expose teens to authentic language, real people and world issues, inspiring them to look further into the topic. Videos are used as the basis for a project, giving learners the opportunity to discuss the topic and produce something involving collaboration or research.
  • Enriched Digital Offer
    New digital practice and presentation tools which provide opportunities to enrich students’ learning both in school and at home.

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