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Marketing Management: European Edition, 4/e (e-Book VS 12m)

By Philip Kotler


The classic Marketing Management is an undisputed global best-seller – an encyclopedia of marketing considered by many as the authoritative book on the subject. This third European edition keeps the accessibility, theoretical rigour and managerial relevance – the heart of the book - and adds:

· A structure designed specifically to fit the way the course is taught in Europe.
· Fresh European examples which make students feel at home.
· The inclusion of the work of prominent European academics.
· A focus on the digital challenges for marketers.
· An emphasis on the importance of creative thinking and its contribution to marketing practice.
· New in-depth case studies, each of which integrates one of the major parts in the book.

This textbook covers admirably the wide range of concepts and issues and accurately reflects the fast-moving pace of marketing in the modern world, examining traditional aspects of marketing and blending them with modern and future concepts.

A key text for both undergraduate and postgraduate marketing programmes.


PART 1 Understanding Marketing Management
Chapter 1 Defining marketing for the new realities
Chapter 2 Understanding marketing management within a global context
Chapter 3 Developing marketing strategies and plans
Chapter 4 Managing digital technology in marketing

PART 2 Capturing Marketing Insights
Chapter 5 The changing marketing environment and information management
Chapter 6 Managing market research and forecasting
Chapter 7 Analysing consumer markets
Chapter 8 Analysing business markets
Chapter 9 Dealing with competition

PART 3 Connecting with Customers
Chapter 10 Seeking and developing target marketing differentiation strategies
Chapter 11 Creating customer value, satisfaction and loyalty
Chapter 12 Creating and managing brands and brand equity
Chapter 13 Digital and global brand management strategies

PART 4 Shaping and Pricing the Market Offering

Chapter 14 Designing, developing and managing market offerings
Chapter 15 Introducing new market offerings
Chapter 16 Developing and managing pricing strategies

PART 5 Communicating Value
Chapter 17 Designing and managing non-personal marketing communications
Chapter 18 Managing personal communications

PART 6 Delivering Value
Chapter 19 Designing and managing distribution channels and global value networks
Chapter 20 Managing process, people and physical evidence

PART 7 Managing Marketing Implementation and Control
Chapter 21 Implementing marketing management
Chapter 22 Managing marketing metrics


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