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ISBN: 9780136038535
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Pockets 2 (Second Edition) Pupil’s Book + CD-ROM

By Mario Herrera / Barbara Hojel

Descripción: Pockets develops English using fun activities with catchy songs and chants, photo pictures cards, animal mascots, and game-filled CD-ROMs. Because it is based on the highly effective five-step teaching strategies of warm-up, presentation, practice, application and assessment, even the youngest children find Pockets easy to follow. So take a look, Pockets builds communication and confidence using hands-on activities that relate to everyday life, and builds a solid foundation in English that will last a lifetime. New Features include:

• NEW game-filled CD-ROMs with Student’s Books 2 and 3.
• NEW projects and values pages.
• NEW catchy songs and chants.
• NEW Reading and Writing Workbook. For very young learners Little Pockets offers a fun way to begin introducing English.



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