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ISBN: 9781292208794
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Research Methods for Business Students, 8e (e-Book VS 12m)

By Mark N. K. Saunders

Descripción: This accessible and clearly written textbook provides a comprehensive and in-depth treatment of philosophical, methodological and ethical aspects of conducting business and management research. Illustrative case studies drawing on published research studies are used throughout and readers are given multiple opportunities to consolidate their learning through review and discussion questions, quizzes, and other exercises. At the end of each chapter a case study takes the reader through the realities and practicalities of applying the knowledge to a specific student research project. This will be an invaluable guide for all students seeking to understand and undertake business and management research.

1 Business and management research, reflective diaries and the purpose of this book
2 Choosing a research topic and developing your research proposal
3 Critically reviewing the literature
4 Understanding research philosophy and approaches to theory development
5 Formulating the research design
6 Negotiating access and research ethics
7 Selecting samples
8 Utilising secondary data
9 Collecting data through observation
10 Collecting primary data using research interviews and research diaries
11 Collecting primary data using questionnaires
12 Analysing data quantitatively
13 Analysing data qualitatively
14 Writing and presenting your project report
1 Systems of referencing
2 Calculating the minimum sample size
3 Random sampling numbers
4 Guidelines for non-discriminatory language