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Copyright: 2014
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John E. Freund's Mathematical Statistics with Applications

By Irwin Miller

Descripción: In recent years, the growth of statistics has made itself felt in almost every phaseof human activity. Statistics no longer consists merely of the collection of data andtheir presentation in charts and tables; it is now considered to encompass the scienceof basing inferences on observed data and the entire problem of making decisionsin the face of uncertainty. This covers considerable ground since uncertainties aremet when we flip a coin, when a dietician experiments with food additives, when anactuary determines life insurance premiums, when a quality control engineer acceptsor rejects manufactured products, when a teacher compares the abilities of students,when an economist forecasts trends, when a newspaper predicts an election, andeven when a physicist describes quantum mechanics.

1. Introduction
2. Probability
3. Probability Distributions and Probability Densities
4. Mathematical Expectation
5. Special Probability Distributions
6. Special Probability Densities
7. Functions of Random Variables
8. Sampling Distributions
9. Decision Theory
10. Point Estimation
11. Interval Estimation
12. Hypothesis Testing
13. Tests of Hypothesis Involving Means, Variances, and Proportions
14. Regression and Correlation