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ISBN: 9781292036014
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Edición: 7
Copyright: 2014
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Business Ethics Pnie P7 (eBook)

By Manuel G. Velasquez

Descripción: According to the dictionary, the term ethics has several meanings. One of the meanings given to it is: “the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group.” 8 We sometimes use the term personal ethics , for example, when referring to the rules by which an individual lives his or her personal life. We use the term accounting ethics when referring to the code that guides the professional conduct of accountants.

1. Ethics and Business 
2. Ethical Principles in Business 
3. The Business System: Government, Markets, and International Trade 
4. Ethics in the Marketplace 
5. Ethics and the Environment 
6. The Ethics of Consumer Protection and Marketing 
7. The Ethics of Job Discrimination