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Copyright: 2015
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PRODUCTO DIGITAL: Foundation Of MEMS (ebook)

By Chang Liu


For courses in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) taken by advanced undergraduate students, beginning graduate students, and professionals. Foundations of MEMS is an entry-level text designed to systematically teach the specifics of MEMS to an interdisciplinary audience. Liu discusses designs, materials, and fabrication issues related to the MEMS field by employing concepts from both the electrical and mechanical engineering domains and by incorporating evolving microfabrication technology — all in a time-efficient and methodical manner. A wealth of examples and problems solidify students’ understanding of abstract concepts and provide ample opportunities for practicing critical thinking.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 First-Pass Introduction to Microfabrication
Chapter 3 Review of Essential Electrical and Mechanical Concepts
Chapter 4 Electrostatic Sensing and Actuation
Chapter 5 Thermal Sensing and Actuation
Chapter 6 Piezoresistive Sensors
Chapter 7 Piezoelectric Sensing and Actuation
Chapter 8 Magnetic Actuation
Chapter 9 Summary of Sensing and Actuation Methods
Chapter 10 Bulk Micromachining and Silicon Anisotropic Etching
Chapter 11 Surface Micromachining
Chapter 12 Process Synthesis: Putting It All Together
Chapter 13 Polymer MEMS
Chapter 14 Micro Fluidics Applications
Chapter 15 Case Studies of Selected MEMS Products