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ISBN: 9780273775706
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Edición: 8
Copyright: 2014
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PRODUCTO DIGITAL: Global Marketing Management: International Edition (eBook)

By Keegan

Descripción: New to the eighth edition: • Integrated discussion of Internet marketing throughout the book • Intensified focus on culture’s influence on marketing communications both from the customer’s and manager’s perspective
• New chapter—Global Social and Environmental Responsibility
• Latest research and theory from the leading academic and business publications
• Illustrative stories adapted from current business management press
• Experiential exercises that require students to apply concepts presented in the hapter to realistic business situations

Part I: Introduction and Overview
Part II: The Global Marketing Environment
Part III: Analyzing And Targeting Global Market Opportunities
Part IV: Global Marketing Strategy
Part V: Creating Global Marketing Programs
Part VI: Managing the Global Marketing Program
Name Index
Subject Index