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ISBN: 9781292052311
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Copyright: 2014
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Intercult Busns Comm Pnie6 (eBook)

By Chaney

Descripción: Because communication is an element of culture, it has often been said that communication and culture are inseparable. As Alfred G. Smith (1966) wrote in his preface to Communication and Culture, “Culture is a code we learn and share, and learning and sharing require communication. Communication requires coding and symbols that must be learned and shared.”

1. The Nature of Intercultural Communication
2. Universal Systems
3. Contrasting Cultural Values
4. Cultural Shock
5. Language
6. Oral and Nonverbal Communication Patterns
7. Written Communication Patterns
8. Global Etiquette
9. Business and Social Customs
10. Intercultural Negotiation Process
11. Intercultural Negotiation Components