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Copyright: 2014
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PRODUCTO DIGITAL: International Relations, Brief Edition, 2012-2013 Update: New International Edition (ebook)

By Joshua S. Goldstein, Jon C. Pevehouse


Thoroughly updated to cover world affairs through 2012, the brief version of International Relations presents the same approach and coverage but in a streamlined and flexible format.

From war and trade to human rights and the environment, this text is praised for being the most current introduction to international relations theory as well as security, economic, and global issues. Applying a broad range of theoretical perspectives to help students analyze what is happening in the world today, International Relations, Brief Edition is perfect for courses where multiple texts are assigned.

Teaching and Learning Experience

  • Personalize Learning: MyPoliSciLab delivers proven results in helping students succeed, provides engaging experiences that personalize learning, and comes from a trusted partner with educational expertise and a deep commitment to helping students and instructors achieve their goals.
  • Explore Concepts and Current Events: Drawing on recent political events from Europe’s sovereign debt crisis to the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, this text provides a balanced survey of security, economic, and transnational issues and covers a diverse range of theoretical perspectives.
  • Improve Critical Thinking: "Policy Perspectives" boxes helps students apply international relations theory to current world problems.
  • Engage Students: A four-color design and numerous figures, maps, and photos offer a current and lively reading experience.
  • Emphasize Learning Outcomes: In MyPoliSciLab, study plans based on book-specific learning objectives give students follow-up reading, video, and multimedia activities for further practice.
  • Instructor Support: An instructor’s manual, test bank, and PowerPoint presentation provide more teaching resources. In MyPoliSciLab, ClassPrep collects class presentation resources in one convenient online destination.

1. The Globalization of International Relations
2. Careers in International Relations
3. Realist Theories
4. Liberal and Social Theories
5. Conflict, War, and Terrorism
6. Trade and Finances
7. Environment and Technology
8. International Organization, Law, and Human Rights
9. North-South Relations
10. World States and Territories