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ISBN: 9781292036274
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Edición: 10
Copyright: 2014
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PRODUCTO DIGITAL: International Relns 2012-2013 Update: Pnie (eBook)

By Joshua S. Goldstein

Descripción: International relations is a fascinating topic because it concerns peoples and cultures throughout the world. The scope and complexity of the interactions among these groups make international relations a challenging subject to master. There is always more to learn. This text is only the beginning of the story.

1. The Globalization of International Relations
2. Realist Theories
3. Liberal and Social Theories
4. Foreign Policy
5. International Conflict
6. Military Force and Terrorism
7. International Organization, Law, and Human Rights
8. International Trade
9. Global Finance and Business
10. International Integration
11. Environment and Population
12. The North-South Gap
13. International Development
14. Postscript
15. Maps