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ISBN: 9780273775591
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Edición: 4
Copyright: 2014
Páginas: 288

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PRODUCTO DIGITAL: A Gift Of Fire (eBook)

By Sara Baase

Descripción: This book has two intended audiences: students preparing for careers in computer science (and related fields) and students in other fields who want to learn about issues that arise from computing technology, the Internet, and other aspects of cyberspace. The book has no technical prerequisites. Instructors can use it at various levels, in both introductory and advanced courses about computing or technology.

1 Unwrapping the Gift
2 Privacy
3 Freedom of Speech
4 Intellectual Property
5 Crime
6 Work
7 Evaluating and Controlling Technology
8 Errors, Failures and Risks
9 Professional Ethics and Responsibilities
A: The Software Engineering Code and the ACM Code